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Why 'service' is different:  Service isn't only customer service or hospitality; it's much bigger than that. Service is the energy people exchange each moment they work together and unite around a shared goal.  

Why we deliver a 'service detox':  Companies and their staff operate with a service health; can be vibrant, inspiring and engaging, but it can also be depressed, repulsive or toxic. We detox a team's service by finding weak areas and treating them.

Why it's Service-Network Leadership: Service networks are unique and teams are more competitive when everyone adopts certain practices and values. 

I can show you how vague, abstract ideas like a service, service detox, and Service-Network Leadership have a powerful impact on your bottom line. I can show you why the world's top service companies are more profitable because of their service health. The first step to start your transformation is to contact me

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