Upgrade your people with our Foundation Workshop

We help directors and managers better inspire and engage their reports, whether they're from Gen-X, Gen-Y or Millennials.

  • We help enhance team engagement and motivation.  
  • We help evaluate Service Habitats in order to find and 'treat' toxic elements that erode competitiveness. 

What does management not see or know? 

If your company leadership is missing the full picture of what's happening across the ranks, it's hard for your leaders to 'know what they don't know'. Our Foundation Workshop is a three-hour seminar we use help better understand what's going on across the company.


1.     Hour One: Get a 'Service-Network Leadership' Mindset
New behaviors demand a shift in mindset – this is how service-network leaders improve performance. In one hour, you will learn new terms and ways of thinking about your team's service health.

2.     Hour Two: Habitat Assessment
We run our proprietary diagnostic tool to identify areas that are not aligned with service performance. Our 60-point assessment lets you pick and choose what's most relevant and right for your team. 

3.     Hour Three: Roadmap Design
Together, we will draft an actionable plan that can guide managers and directors for upgrading the team. Also, you get a report that your HR can then add to your performance appraisals and other metrics. This means you have much more information to help you better understand your team health. 

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 showing what it takes to engage millennials.

showing what it takes to engage millennials.



A Program four decades in the making

Service Detox Consulting is the result of training Ran Elfassy completed through his apprenticeship with Po Chung, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of DHL International.

For more than a decade, Ran learned from the man who helped grow DHL into "the most global of global companies." 

Ran is now offering Mr. Chung's Service Leadership Education through Service Detox Consulting.

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A selection from the Service-Network Leadership library. 





Ran helps me as I develop and fine-tune ideas to bring them into sharper focus.

Po Chung Chairman Emeritus DHL International




The Service Leadership insights were fantastic. The focus on changing mindset did in fact inspire and engage.

Andrea (Andie) Herrera-Gayol, MD, MSc, PhD. Scientific Consultant



Especially through the start-up phase, the advice and support I received [from Ran] helped me get my company to where it is today.

Andrew McBurney, Founder, Boulderz Climbing Centre



Ran’s one of the smartest, most talented, really out-of-the-box people I know.

Josh Sellers, Digital Creative Director, Bamboo Digital