Our Story

In February 2006, Ran met and began working with renowned business leader, Po Chung. With Mr. Chung as his client and then mentor, Ran began his career in consulting, coaching, strategic planning, and other advisory services. 

Working with Mr. Chung, Ran has gained expertise in Service-Network Leadership. He's contributed to many of Mr. Chung's expansive programs and co-authored two books with Mr. Chung on Service Leadership. These books are The 12 Dimensions of the Service Leader and Service Habitat Design. 

 Ran Elfassy, Director

About the Website Photographs...

All photos on this website were made by Ran Elfassy, so of course they're under copyright. If you like some and would like to use some for your own purposes, just ask by clicking contact us

Since Ran is an avid photographer and loves the wildlife in Hong Kong, feel free to give his album a visit by clicking on the image on the right.